Network of Support

Parents, we’re so happy you have found us. Project Preemie looks to make life a little bit easier and more joyful for families that are facing the NICU Journey and you are not alone.  Our Project Preemie Family offers connection through care packages, peer-to-peer support, events and more.

NICU Care packages

Project Preemie sends NICU Care Packages to families with babies in the NICU. Our free program gives families small comfort items such as journals, courage notes and more as they welcome a medically fragile baby into the world. These packages are meant for those families with their preemie currently in the NICU. Help us send packages by visiting our wish list below.

parent blog

Our Project Preemie Parent Blog is written with love and passion by a team of NICU Parents, all of whom have very different stories. Here parents can find stories of challenge and struggle, but also hope, love and support. Read our parent blog HERE. We are always accepting new blog posts to continue to share stories and connect.


post nicu support

Each NICU experience comes with a mountain of emotions and uncertainty. No matter the length of stay, this journey can challenge even the strongest of parents. Project Preemie offers peer-to-peer support, meet-up events and connection to medical professionals to assist parents in post NICU support.