Because no one wants to win in the battle of pain...

There’s an amazing thing that happens when you get a group of highly passionate people together to share their experiences about something that fuels them.

Dialogue. Disagreement. Laughs. Tears. Hugs. Silence. Understanding. Change.

Because there’s a chance that even though you all may be fueled towards a common goal, your experiences have shaped the lens that you view that goal, and in turn without even knowing it, your passionate words can wound.

When you are dealing with such heavy issues as premature birth, newborn medical conditions, infant loss and long-term healthcare needs for children… no matter how far removed from your NICU journey, or how adjusted you are in the situation, pain finds its way to the top.

It’s the pain that we use to empathize. Its the pain that we use to push us to make change. 

But it can also be the pain that stands in our own way of remembering the most important thing…

Everyone’s journey is important.

Everyone has a right to feel any way they want to about their own experience. We don’t get to take that away from one another just because they are different.

So we need to continue to push our minds to think bigger. Share our experience without judgement.  

Push together to make change.

Be there for one another.

Because no one wants to win the battle of pain.

Pam Frasco