Happy NICU Nurses week to each of you. Thank you.

Happy NICU Nurses week to each of you. Thank you. 

Thank you for...

Taking longer with me, when I needed you to, despite the giant list of to-do’s you had swarming around you. 

Answering my questions to the absolute best of your ability. Usually answering the same ones more than once. 

Reminding me I was “mom”.

Being brave, so I could be too.

Using gentleness in everything, always.

Knowing when I needed a break, and demanding that I take one.

Showing up.

Supporting my decisions and empowering me to make them.

Telling me “you’ve got this”, and making me believe it.

Writing milestones on the white board. 

Filling up my water cup so I didn’t have to put my baby down. 

Doing 400 things that weren’t your job.

Hugging me. Tightly. 

Holding my boy. My screaming, miserable, hungry, high maintenance boy. And for never ever acting like it was a favor. 

Always letting me be the one to do things for my baby, when I could. But also wrapping your arms around me when I couldn’t. 

For your positive, encouraging, hopeful spirit. It was all so contagious. 

Knowing I wasn’t myself and honoring that. 

Letting me be a wreck, and allowing me to show it to you. 

Celebrating anything and everything that could be. 

Reminding me about life outside of the NICU.

Being someone I could trust. 

You are all F******* (sorry) amazing. Thank you.