Peer to peer support

Coping with the trauma of the NICU experience and parenting a former NICU baby are both full of unique challenges. You are not alone. Project Preemie has partnered with Full Circle Support Group who offer’s peer-to-peer support meet ups once a month. Join us for sharing + peer support in a safe, judgement free space. Hosted by veteran NICU parents who have “been there”. Open to NICU parents both past and present. Moms and partners welcome.

post nicu events

NICU Families tend to have an immediate connection with each other due to the intense shared experiences they have been through. Getting families together can allow families to connect with others that completely understand the fragile needs that caring for a NICU child can have. Project Preemie will host events throughout each year to promote this connection both with family events and parent nights out. For upcoming events, see link below.

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project preemie partner resources

The Preemie & NICU Community is an amazing supportive one that is working hard to ensure no family goes through this journey alone. We are grateful to connect with partners that help in our mission to connect, support and celebrate those family going through a NICU Experience. Our partners are wonderful resources to parents who may need a little extra support when coming home from the NICU.