We can never say thank you enough to the medical teams that work so tirelessly for their patients and families each day. But we start with a simple “thank you.” Many of these people become like family to NICU parents and we wanted to make sure we had a special place for families to recognize the incredible work that they do.

To recognize these wonderful people, Project Preemie is honoring them for their relentless courage, passion and dedication to improving outcomes for NICU babies and their families.

Project Preemie NICU Heart Award: Do you have a special NICU Nurse or Doctor that has impacted your family? Know a NICU Nurse or Doctor that has gone above and beyond for their hospital, patients and NICU community? Project Preemie’s NICU Heart Award offers families the opportunity to recognize special NICU medical professionals who have impacted their lives.

The NICU Heart Award recipients will receive the following:

***Project Preemie Executive Board will select winners, announced at the end of each month. First Award will be September, 2019.

***Nominees must be medical professionals that work inside a Northeast Ohio Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. *As we grow we hope to expand the impact of this program.

***Medical Professionals cannot win more than once per calendar year.

Nominations are open!

Click below to submit your nomination for the NICU Heart Award.

2019 NICU Heart Recipients